Graphic design services are available to all A.S. entities including posters, logos, social media graphics, brochures, banners, ads, apparel, and design consultation. Please complete the request form and a designer will be in touch with you shortly. Any questions can be submitted through the contact form provided. *Please allow at least two weeks turnaround from the day you submit your request.*

When filling out the description, please include:

  • Colors you’d like? (note: for apparel, more colors typically increases the price)
  • Shape? (e.g. circular logo)
  • Style or fonts? (e.g. professional, laid-back, UCSB font, etc.)
  • Text to include?
  • Imagery? (e.g. include a house + basket with food)
  • If you have examples of what you’re looking for, please attach it to the ticket.

To view or submit a ticket, please log in with your UCSB NetID: